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This presentation looks at traditional education routes to engineering/construction alongside technical apprenticeship schemes and how access them, while explaining how business and industry can engage with apprenticeships and schools to mentor the next generation of industry trade professionals.

Peter Egan, this part of the webinar, will cover routes which will enable students to develop successful careers in engineering and construction trades to support sustainable industry growth. This will be delivered by discussing traditional routes in to engineering by undertaking degrees and professional vocational qualifications, while exploring the wider subject of utilising the new technical apprenticeship schemes to help students looking at construction trades and work‐based learning.

Alison Watson will cover how industry and small businesses can support students in primary and secondary education to develop engineering and construction skill (STEM) to generate the next generation of skilled professionals to drive forward sustainable future for the industry.

Speaker bios:

Peter is a Charter Environmental and Structural Engineer who has worked over 24 years in the construction Industry, specialising in austere projects for the British Army in locations around the world. Present residing as a senior lecture at the Royal School of Military Engineering and is director of a Heritage and Engineering Consultancy called EGStructures.

Alison is Chief Executive of Class Of Your Own and is an expert in developing educational programmes centred around school building and community projects provides educators and their students with positive, contextualised experiences. As an industry professional and social entrepreneur, I am passionately committed to ensuring that the built environment is seen as an exciting, challenging and technologically stimulating place to learn and work.

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