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Using the Berlin ‐ Brandenburg airport construction project as a case study, David Myers, Senior Associate for Shirley Parsons Project Services, will provide useful insight on the importance of putting Quality Management at the heart of strategic planning.

All too often, consideration of risk when it comes to major projects centres on Health & safety, sustainability and other areas where poor management can create litigious situations, damage reputation or create serious outages. This presentation will leave in you in no doubt that poor planning and lack of focus on best‐in‐class quality management can lead to catastrophic failures in major infrastructure projects. The webinar will cover:

 The Berlin Brandenburg Story from the perspective of Quality Management  An exploration and analysis of the main failures  A summary of the cost of quality  Key considerations to design quality in at the project planning stage

Attend this webinar to gain an appreciation of the impact of poor quality on project success and a better understanding of how to ensure that best in class quality management practices are specified effectively.

Speaker Bio: David Myers is a Senior Associate for Shirley Parsons Project Services, specialising in Quality and Programme Management, helping organisations to deliver results that improve their business efficiency and reduce costs. During his career, David has spent 30 years leading teams to deliver large scale global automotive Powertrain design projects with Ford Motor Company and JCB. He has also spent 10 years on the construction industry at Heathrow Airport where he has become a leader in the project process delivering projects of up to £300M.

A Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, David is also a Chartered Quality Professional and an expert in the cost‐effective delivery of Quality in construction projects from the Client side.

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