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This presentation will look at what net zero actually means in practice. It will briefly introduce the Passivhaus standard before going on the examine how close, or rather how far away from, net zero our current new buildings actually are. It will then compare Passivhaus with other standards to illustrate what is possible to achieve. The presentation will then examine the broader issues and constraints around grid‐decarbonisation which affect what we need to do in the built environment. Finally, the presentation will conclude by putting the 2050 challenge into context in terms of what we need to achieve with both our new‐build and existing buildings.

 Climate Emergency & buildings role in getting to net zero.
 Grid decarbonisation
 Energy Efficiency
 Passivhaus
 Retrofit
 Building Regulations and national legislation

This presentation will clearly set out the challenge we face in trying to achieve net zero in the built environment and will cause attendees to challenge their own view of a net zero future.

Speaker bio: John Palmer is Research and Policy Director at the Passivhaus Trust. He authored Passivhaus: the route to Zero Carbon?, exploring how to ensure zero carbon targets result in zero emission buildings. John is a certified Passivhaus consultant, SAP Assessor, systems engineer and experienced project manager. In practice he has used fabric‐first principles to design and build living spaces that are comfortable, healthy, energy‐efficient, and easy to maintain. Prior to entering the construction sector, John spent 16 years as an engineering officer in the Royal Navy.

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