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Jon Miller, Partner of Fenwick Elliott LLP discusses the impact of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 on construction contracts.

The webinar covers matters such as:

  1. Are contractors/sub contractor’s entitled to more money as well as time?
  2. Steps to be taken to protect the contractor/sub contractor’s position.
  3. What to do if the site is unsafe.
  4. What steps need to be made for them to make the site safe?
  5. Other factors – e.g. insurance

Speaker Bio: Jon is a solicitor and partner with Fenwick Elliott LLP, a specialist firm of construction lawyers. Jon left school at 16 to work as an apprentice but later re-entered full-time education, qualifying as a solicitor in 1989, and has worked exclusively in the area of construction and engineering law since then. He subsequently obtained an MSc in Construction Law and Arbitration. Jon lobbied the House of Lords on behalf of the construction industry during the passing of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act. Jon is a practicing adjudicator, mediator and arbitrator and is involved with a numebr of high profile projects in the UK, (eg Crossrail, Battersea Power Station), Jon is involved with around 15 – 20 projects impacted by COVID 19 and is contributing to the CLC’s response to the pandemic.

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