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Using the opportunity afforded by the current crisis to step from beyond crisis/survival management and consider the way that senior teams can harness the potential of powerful marketing communications strategies to engage their people more effectively by transforming their company into customer service led businesses.

Taking the time to review the way that the business sets out its vision, core capabilities and shares them with it’s people and stakeholders, underpinned by actionable values and deliverables to set them apart in a highly competitive £110bn industry.

Getting the basics right, with the appropriate tools to shape and communicate the worth and value of the business and its unrivalled customer value proposition.

 Sink or swim – working out which the market will go and when to reach out to your people and customers  Doing things better differently, following the business vision and setting the stages to success  Truth or dare – what leads the business, operations, sales, finance, customer projects – or marketing?  Preparing for the all clear – ready, steady go. Having the plan and marketing assets in place  Leadership – having your team behind you to face the challenges ahead, trusting them to deliver your promises  Plugged in to the communication machine – building credibility and profile as a trusted known provider  Better practices – keeping the comms channels (both internally and externally) operating

Speaker bio: Philippe Gayton, Director, Medicine Man Expert in: formulating communications and marketing strategies, planning and creating campaigns, building business and brand value, packaging business USPs and unrivalled offer to direct business and drive growth agenda by engaging internal and external audiences. Specific knowledge base within construction/house building, FM and outsourced services. Experience and track record in engaging hierarchical structured teams, comfortable working with executive team to operative team levels.

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