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Jayne Cox, Director of Wellbeing and Co-Founder of Fusion Spaces, will look at what’s happening to our minds and bodies right now and learn techniques to support a calmer state.

Innovative stress/anxiety management advice and support for you and your teams during the lockdown. It can be reassuring to know why our minds and bodies do strange things when we are faced with ongoing uncertainly and stressful situations. A highly stressed and anxious mind is also less able to work well. If we have a tool kit to help us through difficult times it can improve our sense of wellbeing, helping us to feel more in control.

• We are all human animals • What’s happening to our minds and bodies right now? • Why do our minds and bodies react in strange ways? • Remote working? Create comfort zones. • Let’s create your personal tool kit for calm

By attending this webinar, you’ll gain an understanding of why our bodies and minds might do strange things during this period of lockdown and learn that our body’s primitive aim is to keep us safe. You’ll receive a tool kit to take away, with innovative ways to reduce stress and anxiety that you can also share with others.

Speaker bio: Jayne Cox is the Director of Wellbeing and Co-Founder of Fusion Spaces, a wellbeing and technology consultancy. She has over two decades of experience working in private practice as a therapist, coach, stress management advisor and consultant. She is passionate about people and bringing innovative solutions to people and the workplace to reduce stress, anxiety and trauma symptoms.

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