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Introduction to The Lean Construction Summit

Is the UK Construction Industry at a revolutionary tipping point or in a steady state of evolution towards improvement? What are the forces that are driving construction to transform the way that it is currently delivered? 

The 2019 Lean Construction Summit: “Lean Construction: Evolution or Revolution? Shaking it up” will aim to address the fundamental questions facing the Construction Industry, from the viewpoint and experience of our keynote speakers.

Some might say that Lean Construction is the industry’s ‘best kept secret’, that has clear value for client companies; it is a standard of excellence for Highways, Rail and major leading companies.
In line with previous years, LCI UK will present an exciting programme of speakers, a new format, enabling our delegates to strengthen their understanding of Lean, by tapping in to other people’s experiences through our seminars and networking sessions, as well as having the opportunity to explore all that UK Construction Week has to offer.

*It may be necessary for reasons beyond our reasonable control to alter the advertised content, timing and/or location of the event or the advertised speakers. We reserve the right to do this at any time.     Delegate info pack

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